Scoala Gheraesti



Programul activități al Școlii Gimnaziale, comuna Gheraești

                                                                                                 Prof. îndrumător: BLAJ ALINA

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Target group: the students from the 3rd to the 8th grade from Gheraesti Secondary School

“Sports give days to life and life for our days” ,Sportul da zile vietii si viata zilelor>

SEPTEMBER – We train and hope to win! – taking part in the National Championship of Softball

OCTOBER – Physical exercises – the secret of a healthy body (aerobics gymnastic)

NOVEMBER – We play basketball “so we can see the world from above”. Competition between the pupils of the 3rd to the 8th grade.

DECEMBER – Tradition and originality in the Romanian sport – OINA sau ….       Oina– Romania’s traditional sport

JANUARY – sledging – snow waits for you to enjoy it!

FEBRUARY – Music and movement – cheerleaders (children and their parents)


MARCH – We relax through sport – playing tennis and volleyball with our family (relaxation through sport – we play ping – pong and volleyball with our friends.) 

APRIL – Handball and football – a step towards performance (competition between the pupils of  different grades)

MAY – With my life I protect life. – competition “Friends of the Fire Fighters"

JUNE – We learn to swim – to always reach the surface!

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1.       Ne-am antrenat si am castigat!-participare campionat  national softball.

2.       Exercitiile fizice- secretul unui organism sanatos

3.       Jucam baschet-sa putem privi lumea de sus.

4.       Oina-sportul nostru national- participare campionat.

5.       La sanius –zapada te asteapta cu frumusetile ei.

6.       Muzica si miscare –parinti elevi

7.       Ne relaxam prin sport jucand tenis si volei cu familia, prietenii.

8.       Jucam handball si football

9.       Cu viata mea apar viata! Participare competitie.<prietenii pompierilor.>

10.    Invatam sa inotam –sa iesim in viata mereu la suprafata.

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 Octombrie: Tema-,,Exercitiile fizice - secretul unui organism sanatos”. Prin sport, ne dezvoltam frumos, armonios si sanatos.

Gimnastica a fost activitatea de baza derulata in luna octombrie cu elevii claselor a III-a și a IV-a.

Noiembrie: Tema-,, Invatam sa jucam baschet” Dupa ce am invatat sa jucam baschet, am participat la un campionat desfasurat intre clase. 


Am desfasurat activitatile cu clasele a III-a si a IV-a. Copiii au invatat sa joace baschet,  pregatindu-se astfel pentru campionatul la nivelul scolii.

Ca si completare la  activitatea din luna septembrie: am participat cu echipa de softball a scolii,  la un campionat national desfasurat la Dragasani (Romania) unde am obtinut locul I.

October : Topic – “Physical exercises – the secret to a healthy body”. Through sport we grow beautifully, harmonious and healthy.

Gymnastics has been the main  activity that took place in October with the participation of the pupils in the third and fourth grade.


November: Topic – “Learning to play basket ball” After we have learned to play basketball we took part in a championship between classes.

    We organized the activities with the pupils of the third and the fourth grade. The children learned to play basket ball, preparing themselves for the school championship.

     In addition to the activity that took place in September: we participated with our school’s softball team at the National Championship organized at Dragasani (Romania) were we obtained the first place.


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